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  • Planika Valentino FR

    The Planika Valentino FR is one of the most technologically advanced fireplaces available on the market. The product offers an extensive control option over the fire, temperature or gas consumption to make the fireplace operation as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Valentino is a ready to built-in, vent free gas fireplace enclosed with high-quality anti-reflective ceramic glass. The glazing comes in as many as four different options – to match all types of arrangements.
  • Planika Valentino LFR

    The Planika Valentino LFR, the intelligent direct vent gas fireplace by Planika introduces the most advanced technological solutions in the industry. The fireplace allows for smooth flame height regulation any other fire adjustments with the use of a convenient remote, mobile application or Smart Home System control. What makes Valentino look incredibly elegant is the premium quality glazing, made of anti-reflective ceramic glass. Choose one of the four options to arrange Valentino in your indoor space.
  • Planika Valentino LF

    All Planika fires are highly advanced products, and the Planika Valentino LF is no exception. This incredible linear gas fireplace brings comfort and safety to fire design. With multiple control options, the user is free to control the height of the flame, the desired room temperature or even the gas consumption. Valentino is a fully enclosed fireplaces, offering four different glazing options, allowing for different arrangement possibilities. The best quality antireflective glass protects the flame and influences the combustion efficiency. In consequence, the flame is always stable and uniquely beautiful.
  • Planika Sinatra

    The Planika Sinatra is a modern gas fireplace with a conventional flue system that can be installed in an existing fireplace space or completely a new arrangement. To accommodate to specific design requirements, Sinatra is offered in a wide range of glazing options, including front, corner, room divider, tunnel and island solutions. You can also choose a fireplace with no glass enclosure. If you dream of a fireplace that is 2, 4 or 6 meters long, we can make it come true. The technological solutions used in our products allows us to create a fireline of any length you desire. Because we are the experts in designing non-standard solutions, to satisfy all of your needs. Do not miss the chance to draw inspiration from these multiple options and create fresh and spectacular projects.
  • Planika Galio Corten

    The Planika Galio Corten is a linear gas fire that creates a cozy and unique atmosphere in all outdoor living spaces. Its unique design and portable form create convenient in use and beautiful real fire. Made of weather resistant materials, Galio Corten gas fireplace brings style and elegance to residential and commercial outdoor spaces throughout the year. Designed and crafted exactly to your specifications. It allows for a complete size, shape and style customization. With its endless arrangement possibilities, you can decide whether it becomes a modern space divider or a central point of your garden.
  • Planika Galio Insert

    The Planika Galio Insert is the answer for the need of uniquely beautiful fire that can be designed in accordance with the client’s specific needs and ideas. This outdoor gas fireplace insert will inspire you with unlimited arrangement possibilities. The linear form of the burner is just the basis to realize the most creative ideas of outdoor fireplaces. Create the perfect outdoor living space. By joining modules at different angles, Galio may take a desired unique shape. No matter, if it’s a square, triangle or hexagon… we can do it! In addition, Galio offers flame size regulation and compatibility with any Smart Home System. Optionally, you can equip the fireplace with a wifi module and conveniently control the fire using a mobile application.
  • Planika Primefire

    The flueless Planika Primefire is a solution for those looking for an advanced ventless ethanol fireplace insert with long line of fire. PrimeFire strikes with its unique design and easy control solution. Prime Fire is a perfect match for all private spaces, where it created a unique atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Together with the advanced technology, it makes it one of the most convenient in use fireplaces one the market. PrimeFire has been successfully tested and certified by OMNI laboratories in accordance with the UL Standards.
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