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  • Ecosmart Mix 600

    Ecosmart Mix 600. Uniquely different fire pit designed to be the centre of attention at every gathering.
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  • Ecosmart Wharf

    The Ecosmart Wharf blends the simplicity of an outdoor fire pit with the functionality of a standalone table, EcoSmart’s Wharf fire table adds style and practicality to any architectural environment. Ideal for courtyards, patios, pool decks and terraces, the all-weather, earthy design evokes the atmosphere of an open flame minus the by-products associated with a wood-burning fireplace. Its natural colour palette and perfect blend of fire and stone make it an easy choice for landscape architects and design professionals.
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  • Ecosmart Firebox 920CV

    Ecosmart Firebox 920CV.  Designed for optimum heat output, the Firebox 920CV is the perfect complement to a wide range of materials and finishes. The black powder-coat protects the stainless steel firebox and provides a dramatic contrast to the clean-burning flame. Intelligently designed for optimum heat output, flame enhancement and safety.
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  • Ecosmart Base 30

    Make the Ecosmart Base 30 your centre for relaxation and entertainment. This multi-function table gives you the best of both worlds with a coffee table and fire pit combined. Made from lightweight concrete composite and accented with your chosen decorative material, this contemporary classic firepit fits in seamlessly with a variety of outdoor decors. Fitted with EcoSmart’s AB8 burner, Base is fuelled by clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol and will provide over eight hours of warmth, ambience, along with a mesmerising flame.
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  • Glamm Cosmo

    The Glamm Cosmo brings solar inspiration, reflected in a multiplicity of concentric rays, Cosmo is a model with strong expression and luxurious detail. Its design and all its surroundings allow it to adapt easily to indoor and outdoor environments. Good living times in your Golf Club.
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  • Ecosmart Mix 850

    The Ecosmart Mix 850 is a Simple, elegantly shaped fire, combining earthy materials and the element of fire. Ideal for courtyards, patios, pool decks and terraces, the all-weather, earthy design fireplaces deliver the atmosphere of an open fire minus the mess, odour, sparks and soot.The Mix 850 is available in three colours: Natural, Graphite, and Bone.
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  • Ecosmart Ark 40

    The Ark 40 has natural hues, weatherproof materials and industrial design features which combine to create an eco-friendly fire solution that is as striking as it is sustainable. With a wide lip to perch a drink on, and an unobtrusive shape that suits all types of décors and settings, EcoSmart’s Ark 40 fire furniture creates an instant talking point – even when it is not in use.
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  • Ecosmart Ghost

    Made entirely of glass and steel, the Ecosmart Ghost is a slim framed fireplace that works equally well in residential and commercial spaces. Though its crisp lines and glass body give it a strong modern feel, its transparency allows it to fit into design schemes of any fashion and colour. The Ghost centers around the AB3, a 2.5 litres capacity ethanol burner that has a burn time of up to eight hours. Though one of the smaller units in the Designer Range, the Ghost has the ability to warm rooms up to 20 square meters. An optional glass windscreen is also available.
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  • Ecosmart RC.BXR Right Corner Fireplace

    Designed for single room installation, the Ecosmart RC.BXR Right Corner Fireplace Insert features two open sides. The transparent glass on the right corner enables the flame to be viewed from the front and the right corner, providing interior designers, homeowners, architects and builders with the freedom to customise their fire solution to suit a floor plan. The Flex RC.BXR range comes with a Decorative Box on the right-hand side. The design is fitted with a glass panel that divides the box and the Firebox and creates an attractive streamlined look. Instantly transform any wall into a feature, indoors or out, with a stylish, clean-lined Flex Firebox.
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  • Ecosmart DB Double Sided Fireplace

    With two open sides, the Ecosmart DB Double Sided Fireplace insert creates the perfect room divider. The see-through design provides unobstructed views of the flickering flame from the front and the back, infusing warmth and ambience into two adjacent rooms. The clean lines and 'all flame' configuration of the DB means the entire viewing area is dedicated to the eye-catching flame, creating a harmonious blend of traditional style and contemporary design.
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  • Ecosmart Flex PN.BXR Peninsula Fireplaces

    The Ecosmart Flex PN.BXR Peninsula Fireplaces are designed as a room divider, the Peninsula Fireplace Insert features three open sides, enabling the mesmerising flame to be viewed from any direction - the front, back and open side. The three transparent sides create an eye-catching focal point and provide the perfect solution to heating multiple rooms, to integrating within commercial/hospitality spaces and dividing open floor plans.
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  • Ecosmart Flex BY.BXR Bay Fireplace Range

    The Ecosmart Flex BY.BXR Bay Fireplace Range is designed for single room installation and features three open sides that enable the hypnotic flame to be viewed from the front and both left and right sides, providing an alluring focal point from multiple vantage points. The Flex Bay fireboxes are ideal for commercial spaces like restaurants, bars and cafes, and residential settings where a stunning centrepiece is needed. he Flex 68BY.BXR comes with a Decorative Box on the right-hand side. The design is fitted with a glass panel that divides the box and the Firebox and creates an attractive streamlined look. Instantly transform any wall into a feature, indoors or out, with a stylish, clean-lined Flex Firebox
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  • Planika L-Fire in Casing

    Planika L-Fire in Casing is a simple yet exceptional fire solution. Cities and towns that put an outright ban on fireplaces are growing in number. And it is affecting people who obviously do not want to give up on their beloved flickering flames. Planika responds to the issue by introducing a new revolutionary fireplace – the L-Fire. This unusual product is an eco-friendly fire stove in an ageless front-open casing. It does not produce any smoke or soot, making it a replacement for old-fashioned, wood-burning fireplaces. And the flames are even more beautiful.
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  • Ecosmart BK5 Ethanol Burner

    Award-winning burner that sets a stylish standard for EcoSmart Fire design
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  • Planika Fire Coffee Table MDF

    The Planika Fire Coffee Table MDF brings a charming atmosphere to your home during balmy summer evenings. Particular attention has been paid to the finer details. The highest quality materials have been used to produce a stylish, minimalistic table fire with a beautiful burner. This makes it the perfect compliment to any indoor and outdoor spaces.
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  • Planika Fire Table Mini MDF

    The Planika Fire Table Mini MDF is a beautiful table fire which you can spend a wonderful time around with friends and family. It creates an ideal place for leisure and relaxation. Planika has created this wonderful Fire Table Mini, a compact coffee table with a built-in bio fireplace. The product is made of polished and varnished OSB, which gives it a modern, timeless look. Its universal colour harmonizes perfectly with the flora and natural materials such as glass, stone or wood. Optionally, the tabletop can be made in black. The table stands on black metal legs, which complete the design without overwhelming it.
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  • Planika Prime Fire in Casing

    Planika Prime Fire in Casing is an advanced eco fireplace that allows for a very simple and convenient control. As a ready to build-in insert, the Prime Fire in Casing can be easily arranged in all kinds of interiors. The applied BEV Technology™ guaranteed the cleanest and most efficient combustion. Lack of any hard connections makes the installation process extremely easy. Prime Fire has been successfully tested and certified by OMNI laboratories in accordance with the UL Standards.
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  • Forma Casing Single-Sided with FLA3 Burner

    The Planika Forma Casing Single-Sided with FLA3 Burner firebox is one of the most advanced technologically fireplaces available on the market with a unique feature of zero clearance. Self-contained construction means your fireplace can be framed into i.e. wood or metal studs, providing installation freedom and flexibility for builders and creating a striking addition to a feature wall. It comes with an automatic fuel pump and can be turned on and controlled via a smartphone from the comfort of your seat. FORMA single-sided firebox is available in six sizes: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2300, 2700.
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  • Planika Gustav Commerce Bioethanol

    The Planika Gustav Commerce Bioethanol combines fine art with modern design, unique things may be created. Inspired by works of Gustav Klimt, they have designed a new outdoor corten fireplace. Gustav is a portable outdoor fireplace made of corten steel with a rusty appearance. The implemented Commerce Technology™ ensures that the fuel will never leak out from the tank, even if the fireplace falls over. Without any hard connections, Gustav is a perfect bioethanol fireplace to add a touch of elegant design to all commercial spaces.
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  • Planika Fireline Automatic 3+

    The Planika Fireline Automatic 3+ takes you to another level of comfort and satisfaction. Offering the most advanced technology and innovative approach towards fire design it allows you to enjoy natural flames for longer than ever before. The extra-large fuel tank makes the FLA3+ the most convenient solution available today. The fireplace guarantees the longest burning possible with one refill without losing anything from the luxurious and stylish form for which Planika’s fireplaces are so well-known. Additionally, FLA3+ is offered in 6 types of casings.
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  • Ecosmart AB3

    The Ecosmart AB3 is the smallest of EcoSmart’s round ethanol burners, but no less effective. It’s the core of many freestanding, portable designer indoor and outdoor fires, but also provides the versatility to create your own – and the creative designs around the world are testament to this.
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  • Ecosmart Manhattan

    The Ecosmart Manhattan takes its cues from one of the world's most densely populated cities where real estate prices are sky-high and square footage comes at a premium price is a fire table that combines ingenuity with functionality. With its self-contained energy source, generous sideboard and portable construction, EcoSmart's freestanding Manhattan fireplace knows how to make the most of a small space. Fuelled by environmentally-friendly bioethanol, the fully integrated, multifunctional design means homeowners can enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of a real fire without the inconvenience of burning real wood – that means no more embers, ash and soot to clean up.
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  • Planika Pure Flame in Casing

    Planika Pure Flame in Casing is a compact fire cassette specially developed to be installed in furniture. Pure Flame consists of two connected modules – a key-locked fuel box with a control panel and the fireplace cassette itself. The product was designed to make the installation possibly easiest. You don’t need any chimney or additional ventilation, just insert the cassette into a furniture opening. The casing is well insulated so the heat can be emitted through the front of the fireplace.
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  • Ecosmart Igloo

    Made entirely of glass and stainless steel, the Ecosmart Igloo is a sleek and modern update to the traditional fireplace. Its clear frame allows it to blend in with any decor style while simultaneously enhancing it. Artful in its simplicity, the Igloo can be used in residential applications as well as a wide range of commercial ones such as lobbies, restaurants, bars, and offices. The BK5 burner features an adjustable flame and comes standard with the Igloo.
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  • Ecosmart Lighthouse 600

    Slightly smaller in stature than the Lighthouse 900, the Ecosmart Lighthouse 600 combines slender design with durable construction. The height and cylindrical shape lend this sentinel-inspired fire perfectly to standing at attention at the entrance to a home or commercial premises or being the pivotal feature of any alfresco environment. Equally stunning as a singular fire or altogether. For a stunning design consistency, install all four in different parts of your outdoor space.
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  • Ecosmart Lighthouse 300

    Whether standing alongside its small and big brothers from the Lighthouse Series or as a standalone feature, the Ecosmart Lighthouse 300 provides year-round ambience and warmth. Its elegant lines and flickering flame behind toughened glass help bring a space to life.
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  • Ecosmart Lighthouse 150

    The Ecosmart Lighthouse 150 is the most compact of the Lighthouse Series, the Lighthouse 150 is designed to create a benchtop design statement or to be the focal point of an entertaining or living area, outside or in. It might be small in stature, but behind its glass surround the flame dances and enchants.
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  • Ecosmart Stix

    The Ecosmart Stix bioethanol firepit is a fireplace with a contemporary twist on the traditional campfire, designed by acclaimed Barcelona-based designer Hiroshi Tsunoda. Echoing Hiroshi’s signature style of geometric figures, Stix consists of varying-sized tubular stainless steel ‘sticks’, creating a visually striking and practical fire for indoor and alfresco environments. A stylishly elegant and practical hearth for lovers of outdoor (and indoor) living.
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  • Ecosmart Mini T

    The Ecosmart Mini T is the ideal accoutrement for intimate gardens, alfresco dining settings, bars and restaurants. A simply but beautifully designed bio ethanol fireplace.Small in stature at just 462mm [18in] high, the freestanding, portable Mini T is the robust solution for illuminating spaces and creating warmth and ambience.
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  • Ecosmart Glow

    The Ecosmart Glow firepit has soft curves coupled with industrial materials create a modern centrepiece for outdoor entertaining. Powered by bioethanol, a readily available renewable energy, EcoSmart's Glow outdoor fireplace creates cosy and inviting entertaining spaces year round.
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  • Ecosmart CYL

    The Ecosmart CYL is simple but beautifully inspired cylindrical fire that creates a dramatic focal point when used as a key design feature of a garden or alfresco (even interior) space. Easily create cosy and inviting entertaining spaces year round.
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  • Ecosmart VB2

    Whether an Edwardian, Federation, Art Deco or Art Nouveau fireplace, the Ecosmart VB2 bioethanol burner has been designed to be easily integrated into existing fireplaces. The minimalist design mean you can easily convert an older style fireplace into a clean-burning bioethanol fire.
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  • Ecosmart AB8

    Used in multiple personalised installations, the Ecosmart AB8 compact design and absolute versatility enables it to be readily integrated into outdoor – and indoor – fire designs. Whether residential or commercial applications, the clean, modern shape ensures absolute design flexibility. Generates a beautiful larger scale flame.
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  • Ecosmart XS340

    The Ecosmart XS340 bioethanol burner is a scaled back version of the XL ethanol burners, the ideal solution for tailor-made installations where space is at a premium. Don’t be fooled by its size, the XS340 holds 2.5L of environmentally-friendly bioethanol and burns for up to six hours.
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  • Ecosmart XL 500

    The baby of the XL Series, the Ecosmart XL500 may be compact in size, but this 5L ethanol burner effectively delivers a beautifully long, lasting flame. Like the other models within the XL Series, this fire can be easily integrated into a horizontal, tailor-made setting. Whether you just use the burner by itself or as part of the stainless steel 800SS or 800DB firebox inserts, you have an amazing design tool to achieve your vision.
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  • Ecosmart XL 700

    The Ecosmart XL 700 bioethanol burner has also provided design inspiration for a myriad of custom-made fires – both indoors and out.Its sleek lines and minimal zero clearance creation ensure it’s a principal design tool, rather than an afterthought.
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